Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Taken at work yesterday. Crap cell phone pic.

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  2. tucked in the garage....


    first morning home...

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  3. Here's how both mine currently sit:

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  4. Let the pain begin...

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  5. The paint is like 98% done. I finally found a '84 bumper that matches the front bumper, so that's getting painted and i got some window trim i was missing, and i decided to go ahead and do the front grill in satin black because it's just too much green up front.

  6. Took this one yesterday.

  7. looking good, i cant wait till my 67 is back on the road, that one looks nice from what i can see. is it a v8 4 speed?
  8. Thanks! It is a V8 3 speed 6 cyl conversion car. Overall it is in decent shape. Needs a hundred little fixes though. I bought it for my wife as a anniversary present last year.
  9. c4 auto? thats my set up, they are so much fun and turn heads every where. enjoy:nice:
  10. [​IMG]


    poor thing will NEVER be finished....Anyone wanna buy it?
  11. 3 speed manual. I wanted to get her a auto since her daily is a stick, but this one had the cleanest body out of all the ones I looked at for the price. Now I can stick the T-5 in it out of my 91 when I swap the TKO in.
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    Have not touch it in months.
  13. Here is a shot from the other day, I want to get a good backdrop but the base doesnt have much to offer.
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    And then heres from today after driving on a gravel road for like 15 miles, tire shine and dust not workie too well. I cant wait to get a new hood so I dont have to look at that flaking paint bs.
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  14. Taken a week ago at work.


  15. 25th - car still looks great! Hope all is well with the house and everything! Its been a long time since we've talked!
  16. What color is that?
  17. Short as possibly summary.

    Had a civic, my 89, and a 93 cobra. Bought over 2K in suspension/brake parts for the 89. Tore apart the 89. Week later, I sold the cobra. Another week later, I wrecked the civic(thanks deer). I then spent 4 weeks hunting for another clean(not POS engine swap, fart pipe) civic while driving a rental. Then I had family in town for 2 weeks. Now I've been lazy for about 2 weeks. That should ad up to about to the little over 3 months ago I took this pic:


    Day after I took that pic, I fully removed the drums as well.
  18. Stock and slow.

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