PTC 2800-3000 Non Lockup AOD Stall

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by SScott, Feb 5, 2010.

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    Want to trade or sell. Prefer to get stuff I need. I have always liked PTC, you can get the converter rebuilt anytime for $125 or have the Sprag removed for high HP for only $100. Call Tim at PTC: 256-383-6868

    Info on converter:

    Under 1000 mile,
    PTC 2800-3000 Stall for Non Lock Up (NLU) AOD, MUST use 1 piece input shaft. Tim @ PTC says this is a tight converter and wakes up for NOS or Boost.

    Features: precision clearance, reinforced fins, needle bearings, ballooning plates, computer balancing, furnance brazing and hardened hub and splines..

    Stuff I need:

    10.5 Clutch set that will handle about 400 HP.
    Manual Brake Conversion.
    ScottRod or similar panels (under hood).
    NOS main line.
    Complete Head Light set w/ adjusters.
    Passenger Fender for 91-93 LX prefer with molding.
    NOS friendly carb intake like a Vic Jr or Funnel Web.
    Astro A5 parts for T5.

    Whatever else you can think of, try me. I would really rather do some trading but if you want to buy it, I will take $200 shipped.

    Scott scott @


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