Purchasing A 2002 Mustang Convertible Soon.. Help?

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by jazz0724, Jul 9, 2014.

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    i will be purchasing a 2002 mustang convertible most likely this week ( depending on the responses i get)

    the seller wants 4000 but is accepting offers due to the following problems,
    in her words " roof needs some work, the bump on the rear fender I mentioned, and the paint is "sunburned" from it's life in Florida. The roof works when you put fluid in it, but it leaks fluid, then you have to manually open and close the hood, and it has a small leak in the back, will need replaced soon (common at 10 years) No mechanical problems, runs like a champ, inspected until September. Mechanically it runs great, with a maaco paint job and a quick bump pull out it will look great."

    my question is, what should i offer her for the mustang with the problems it has? also, i have never owned a mustang before so how much ( roughly) would it be to fix the leak? and the fluid leak? im certainly no mechanic so i have no idea what shes really meaning by " the roof works when you put fluid in it, but it leaks fluid" and then the leak in the back as she mentioned.
    my uncle could easily pop out the dent, thats not the huge issue/

    if someone could help me out on what she means and how much it might be to have the issue fixed? that would be great.

    thank you!

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    a van down by the river
    without knowinf anything else about the car such as mileage etc, , I'm guessing its a sixer vert, I'd offer about $2800 and let her come back to settle in around $3500 max

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