Recent Progress; Some Questions

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    Questions first:

    My brake pedal has an air sound whistling from it, this would simply be air in the brake lines, correct? If not, then what

    Also, my idle does move a lot up and down at idle, I know this is a common issue, I've been assuming it's cause I've yet to upgrade my 2G alternator and it's just the car trying to balance the power. But I second guess this, anything I should keep in mind?

    As far as progress goes, I had a friend help me out today, got the tires and rims mounted on all four, horn put in, new pigtails, light housing mounted and all.

    Other than a bulb popping, which im getting tomorrow it's street worthy!

    Finally, I have my last little endeavor to go about, I'm removing the charcoal box, mounted my cylinder overflow reservoir there, running a hose into the passenger fender for over flow and a hose around the front of the radiator, zip tied to the wiring, connecting to where the cap opening is.

    Things are going smoothly, and I'm excited to be driving.


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