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    Ok so here's my problem. I have an 04 Mach 1. I have a Mac H pipe no cats and flows for mufflers. Cant get it inspected cause it wont pass emission (RI SUCKS). Classic car and antiques are all exempt cause of age. SO Ive been tryin to get a sticker under the table like everyones does up here. All my connections dont get them anymore and rather than have my mechanic take off this current pipe and put the stock back on just for inspection is ridiculous to do every 2 yrs. My question is this. What kind of cat back will still give me a nasty sound I can use on my current mac h pipe? More importantly w ill I have to get a new h pipe with the cat backs already on? thanks
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    I assume the issue is the lack of cats, and perhaps the sound level?

    Why not just run a high flow catted pipe? The power difference will be minimal and you won't have to worry about exhaust tickets and the hassle of inspection?
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