S197 Ford Mustang Adjustable Upper Control Arm Install

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    The well-known black S197 Ford Mustang has returned to the shop to get another suspension upgrade. This time, the rear suspension is the area of focus. This J M (http://www.hotpart.com/) Upper Control Arm (UCA) will eliminate the unwanted control arm flex and also has the ability to change correct the pinion angle on a lowered car. Our original StangNet.com write-up (with hi res images on demand) gives a real world overview and interpretation on how to perform the UCA installation on a 2005 Ford Mustang GT. StangNet Staff member bigcat (http://forums.stangnet.com/member.php?u=86986) shows us just how it's done. stangnet?i=ZBFXGEE </img> stangnet?i=m1o4T5e </img> stangnet?i=rtNhGzE </img> stangnet?i=pnThnVE </img> stangnet?i=MfGDfDe </img> stangnet?i=6rue9YE </img>


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