S197 Ford Mustang PMP Line Lock Kit Install

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    Continuing to provide race tech for the S197 Ford Mustang in our illustrated write-up series, the StangNet crew hopes that every late model Ford Mustang drag fan can enjoy our contributions. In this latest installation, StangNet Staff member DarkFireGT (http://forums.stangnet.com/member.php?u=67908) shows us how to eat up some rubber while avoiding a thrashing on the rear brakes. A PMP Line Lock kit does the trick and allows the Ford Mustang to put on a show in the driveway and heat up the rear tires at the track. Take a closer look inside, with a video and lots of hi res images available in full detail. stangnet?i=O32dYvE </img> stangnet?i=ngfNEze </img> stangnet?i=U15r3cE </img> stangnet?i=34Y5cUE </img> stangnet?i=UzcJ2Ce </img> stangnet?i=quXcSCE </img>


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