Expired Some Brand New Modular Ford Parts That Need To Leave My Shop...

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    *Ford Racing Boss 5.0 block, has been align honed with ARP fasteners (not side bolts), decks cleaned up, bored to 3.745". This block was meant to be set up at a 3.750" bore and we can finish hone (with torque plate) the block for whoever wants it. $1100

    *Kellogg 3.800" crankshaft. $375

    *Brand new '03-'04 Cobra bare heads. These were take-off heads from Ford, never been ran. Bare heads, no valves, springs, seals, etc. I will sell these for $800 and can finish with Comp Cams or Bullet cams, Ferrea valves, etc, etc. if you so desire.

    *Diamond pistons for above combo. 3.750" bore, 3.800" stroke, meant for a 5.933" rod. .866" wrist pin. Have been lightened by Diamond. Complete with pins, locks, and a set of Total Seal AP low tension piston rings. 1.100" compression height, ~ 11:1 compression with '03-'04 Cobra heads. $800

    *New 4.6L DOHC front timing cover. $100

    *New 4.6L DOHC valve covers. Black. $75

    Entertaining all *fair* offers.

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