SOUTHEAST: 2002 Mustang GT: Maximum Motorsports, Steeda, BBK, SCT

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    Jacksonville, FL

    2002 Mustang GT Coupe
    VIN: 1FAFP42X52F100401
    Miles: 31,466.7
    Vehicle Location: Jacksonville, FL
    5 Speed
    Mods: Lots to list. Please see my garage profile for this vehicle.
    Condition: Immaculate! However, the vehicle needs tires. Also, the blue painters tape was covering my name on the vehicle since I took these pics for general purposes.
    Reason for selling: 10 months ago my first daughter, who's middle name is Shelby, was born 5 weeks early and was in the NICU for 2 weeks. The hospital bills are astronomical.

    Asking Price: I would prefer to sell the vehicle for $12,500 OBO with engine and exhaust mods. Autocross specific equipment would be removed. However, I would consider negotiating the vehicle as is for $14,000 OBO.
    I will also accept cross country transactions but NO TRADES please!

    If interested, please call or email me.
    Nicholas Augustyniak

    [email protected]






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