Steeda announces 2013 Ford Mustang roster

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    Are you Ford Mustang fans ready for 2013? Wait, isn’t it just now barely into 2012? If it’s anything we all have come to expect from Ford and its faithful following since the mid-1960s, it’s that the next model year comes to the showroom before any of us have finished our Christmas-time consumption. Steeda Autosports, a major Mustang aftermarket player, is poised to let loose the details on their entire 2013 Steeda Mustang (and other fine Fords) lineup, with no stone unturned as to the amount of engineering detail poured into every single project.
    The short Steeda news bite following merely serves as an introduction to the Steeda Mustang portfolio–the source link points to the Steeda site, showing you more details on each Ford Mustang (and others) than you probably have time for right now…so what’s the delay, get started, and see what is coming down the performance pike!
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