Steeda Boss Intake Upgrade Kit

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    This upgrade kit is for converting a 555-3155 or 555-3156 Steeda Cold Air intake for standard 5.0L Mustangs to a 555-3162 Boss specific system for use with BOSS intake manifolds.

    Upgrade kit includes a larger 101mmm replacement MAF housing, larger intake tube specifically designed to be used with the Boss manifold, silicone sleeves, replacement hose clamps and a template for modifying your heat shield for the larger MAF housing.

    Due to the larger MAF size over our standard 5.0L GT cold air, specific tuning is required to use these parts. Tunes designed for the original MAF housing size are not correct and must be updated.

    Product Benefits
    • Save money by converting your 5.0L GT Cold Air Intake
    • Specifically designed for the Boss Mustang
    • Power increase across entire power band