Steeda Now Offers Tunes For Life!

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    Hello all,

    We are currently launching our new tunes for life program, to check out more, click here:

    Note: Our program only covers the original vehicle owned at the time the customer entered the Lifetime Tunes program. New vehicles will require a new purchase of either a tuning device or a new Lifetime Tunes program purchase. Modifications that require dyno tuning are not covered by the Lifetime Tunes program. These types of modifications include but are not limited to:

    Aftermarket Camshafts
    Aftermarket Fuel Injectors
    Aftermarket, Non OEM Superchargers
    Nitrous Systems
    Major Engine Changes (stroker engines, compression changes, cylinder heads)
    Crate Motor & Non OEM Engine Swaps
    Race Fuels and Non Gasoline Fuels (E-85, Methanol, Alcohol, etc)

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