Steeda Well Represented At Sema 2012

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    Hello Guys/Gals,

    We just wanted to provide you with a couple pictures that were taken at SEMA 2012 which showcased some of our serialized vehicles around the convention center.

    Steeda had several cars located around SEMA that included spots in the Tokico, Nitto, and Ford displays.

    It is a truly a great honor to be able to display our products not only at SEMA but in these displays as well.

    It is no coincidence that the Steeda name is a popular choice among manufacturers and consumers ... enjoy!!

    285776_414996375234900_1929157230_n.jpg 293809_298955926874932_1484794455_n.jpg 381939_299303163506875_1716450798_n1.jpg 416894_299059920197866_702855083_n.jpg 644005_299061173531074_1084005435_n.jpg


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