Susan Roush-McClenaghan in NMRA Final

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    Following her past success in prior NMRA racing rounds, SusanRoush-McClenaghan piloted her Ford Mustang ( down the strip to prove herstrength as a contender. With a good reaction time (0.014), Susan wasable to land in a qualifying spot, where thousandths of a seconddecided the ultimate fate of the racers in the class. While Susandidn't take home the top prize, she finished strong against manyseasoned competitors (, and also remained positive, upbeat, and hopefulin this third final-round appearance in her racing tenure. Check a closer shot of her ROUSH Racing Ford Mustang and the Official Press Release from the race, inside! stangnet?i=4oEibYG </img> stangnet?i=DZHG25g </img> stangnet?i=WIBUZsG </img> stangnet?i=osw4RzG </img> stangnet?i=gUGkpOg </img> stangnet?i=F3Jc17G </img>


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