The Cobra Is Finally In Georgia, But.....

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    We took a short vacation and went back to Iowa over the weekend. We visited with my family who we haven't seen in a year, had her 20 year class reunion, visited her family, traded our Expedition for a Suburban, loaded the Cobra on a U-haul trailer and came back to Marietta. But the Cobra had an issue before we moved that I never had the chance to fully investigate until yesterday. About a week before we moved, I had the carb off to change an accelerator pump diaphragm that was leaking. We drove it into town where it developed a miss. We limped it back home and looked around a little. We found that the #1 plug ground was pushed against the electrode effectively grounding the plug out. It didn't appear to be physically damaged which is what threw me. We bought new plugs, but it just didn't sound right to me. We drove it to my brother's storage unit and parked it until this last weekend. In the mean time, I bought a cheap bore-scope. So yesterday I put the bore scope to work. Turned the crank until the #1 cylinder was at BDC and ran the scope into the spark plug hole. I couldn't see the whole piston, but it looks like something got in there. There are 2 marks in the piston that I can see near the intake valve reliefs. So it looks like I will be tearing at least one head off and probably the whole engine from the car. I'm kinda bummed....:(
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    sorry to hear that.

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