Tons of 4v and other modular parts!

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    05+ parts:

    2005 Mustang GT intake with charge motion plates and actuator $80 shipped

    99-04 4V parts:

    Mint BBK twin 62mm throttle body fits all 96-04 cobras, 03/04 mach1's and 01 bullit $200 shipped
    Marauder upper intake $45 shipped
    03/04 mach1 upper to lower intake gasket good shape $15 shipped
    99cobra upper and lower $315 shipped

    96-98 4v parts:

    97 cobra timing chain cover $70 shipped
    97 cobra heads $275 shipped
    97 cobra 3 bolt tensioner with idler pulley $35 shipped
    98 cobra composite IMRC plates $85 shipped
    97 cobra aluminum IMRC plates with gaskets $65 shipped


    3 sets of 4 hole pintle 19lb injectors $20 shipped each set
    Bosch/FRPP red top 30lb injectors $105 shipped
    Bosch/FRPP green top 42lb injectors with 11k $215 shipped
    Siemens Deka 60lb injectors with EV1 connector $235 shipped one injector has cosmetic blem
    Siemens Deka 80lb injectors with EV1 connector NIB $315 shipped


    NIB 4v or 2v TTY head bolts $35 shipped

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