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    Well, I was parked outside my grandma's garage this morning, and fortunately I wasn't in the Stang. I don't let it sit out all night anyway but yea...I was in my 94' Saturn. Well, she backed out not even thinking because I usually park a different place, and I don't even remember parking where I did. But anyway, she backed into my was really slow though. So I wake up, and theres a message on the answering machine that she left when she got to work saying, I hit your car, call me. So I run out expecting to see my car smashed...well I couldn't even find a scratch. So we finally find some red paint from her 04' Impala on my rear wheel. It didn't even do anything to my car, and her bumper is really tore up!!:eek:I went to look at it, and theres a big spot on the bottom of the bumper where its scuffed and big scratches in it, so deep they are completely black, then towards the top, probably 4 more huge deep scratches!! I couldn't believe it did all that and nothing to my car. She said it was so light hitting it she didn't know if she hit it or if the brakes were just bein a little touchy. Anyway, shes going to get some touch up paint. Does it make it look better at all, because my pap got it for his truck and see it was more noticeable after the touch up paint than before!

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