Track Day Ford Mustang Honors Wwii Veterans

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    There have been quite a few Ford Mustang stories in the headlines these past weeks with regard to memorializing special interest causes, veterans, and tributes in general to motorsport legends (Carroll Shelby’s passing). Well, honestly, there’s no such thing as too many, so here’s one more to enjoy. Shannon Moore has a tie back to World War II via her grandfather, and had her sights set on the WWII memorial in DC, with him riding along. What’s more, Shannon has also latched onto, an organization tasked with assisting veterans in getting veterans the chance to personally visit their respective memorial(s).
    Since hearing of this incredible initiative, Shannon, her crew chief, and Rehagen Racing’s Dean Martin have put the skids on a Mustang in order to be the ultimate track car as a tribute. Shannon’s racer
    girl Mustang is hued in Furious Fuschia, has loads of performance goodies, and is completely track-ready for paying tribute to the Fallen and the Honored we still owe a debt of gratitude to.
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