Trick Flow TFX Nitrous Express 5.0 Plate Kit

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by Speeds8erM-1, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Trick Flow TFS Nitrous Express 5.0 Plate Kit, fits between upper & lower intake on Trick Flow Street Heat/Street Burner & Track Heater Intake Manifolds. Has 10lb bottle, feed line, other lines, solenoids (looks like a big ICEMAN NX solenoid), plate, some jets. You will need a relay (if you want to run one, some dont, but it's RECOMMENDED!), an arming switch, a wot switch or activation button, and some bottle brackets of your choice.

    This kit will keep you from having distribution on the 5.0 EFI long runner intakes that you can get from a nozzle setup! Much safer setup!

    I got this in a trade, and have no use for it right now.

    This kit is $676+ new, sell for $430 SHIPPED. Or will sell the plate by itself for $215 shipped!

    More info here
    Trick Flow Specialties TFS-N5150 - Trick Flow® TFX? Nitrous Systems - Overview -





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