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    Hey gents

    Ok let me preface this by stating that my tr-3650 at some point in time was hard to shift, however then it (for some reason got very easy) Ok so last week I noticed that my motor was unusually noisy at idle so upon further investigation I noticed that my motor was leaning towards the passenger side so I got underneath the car and saw that the pass side motor mount was shot. Today I replaced the mount but the engine was still leaning towards the pass side so I made an effort to level it out, anyway after getting it pretty close to level (about 10 degrees away from being level) I then took it out for a test drive and there is no excess noise at idle anymore however the tranny is back to hard shifting.

    So it seems in a nutshell that my motor only shifts easy when it is grossly unlevel.

    Any one have any opinions ?
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    Trans mount is done? Input shaft is bent? And only put more weight on the input shaft until the motor mounts wore to the point of releasing some of the tension? I'd guess to replace both motor mounts and tranny mount and see whats going on with it.
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    I agree, check the trans mount, it likely needs to be replaced. When doing the motor mount you should drop the trans mount and pull the drive shaft as well or at least unbold the drive shaft from the diff. This will give you more free play when trying to move stuff around. If the engine is still off kilter it does sound like the mount on the other side is bad as well.
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    This is a weird one. The engine and trans form what is, for all intents, a rigid body. Further, the shifter is mounted to the transmission itself so tilt or angles really shouldn't matter when it comes to shift effort. If the engine/trans are tilted a bit to the left, the shifter tilts a bit to the left too but nothing changes in terms of the relative shifter operating angles; there'd be no binding because a linkage rod or cable is forced off angle or pinched because the shift linkage is all internal: As the trans tilts, so too does the linkage.

    I'm thinking your issue may be clutch related though it's really tough to justify that. The clutch is cable operated and a few degrees of tilt to one side or the other is not going to change the operation of pulling the release arm.

    Do you find it hard to get into 1st gear when the car is stopped and idling?
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