Build Thread Want To Blow 5 Years And $50k On A Foxbody? Step By Step Instructions Inside!

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  1. I'd definitely be concerned with theft. I've heard so many stories of high dollar fox drag cars being stolen right out of garages and trailers.
  2. Which is why my race trailer has no graphics, no stickers nadda, nothing to indicate what might be inside.
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  3. Or the "Pinnicale of foxbody thread " this thing is nothing short
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  4. I did an online quote with Grundy Worldwide about 6 months ago. I think valued mine at $13,000 and they quoted me like $243 or something around that. I don't remember where I put the paper so I'm going off of memory. My dad had all his toys insured with them so that's who I'll probably go with.
  5. Only thing missing from your new title is a tagline.

    " But wait, there's more"
  6. lol @ new title
  7. Scott, I am really surprised to hear you say it has only cost $40K to build this car. I have seen slightly lesser builds blow that budget.

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  8. love the thread title
  9. My 2014 GT sticker was damn near $40k and I'd still rather have this Fox.
  10. Scott, I spent the last two hours going through this build and all I can say is


    Your attention to detail and craftsmanship are second to none. Absolutely one of the best builds ever.

    Hope to see it running soon.
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  11. We need to begin choosing the bimbo that will be sprawled all over it for the magazine shoot.

  12. Jessica Barton ?
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  13. No way, that paint looks way too good to be getting any skanks snail trails on it. Car is sexy enough to stand alone.
  14. This is hilarious.
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  15. Snail trails! Lol. That was a good one.
  16. ...but for the right snail. :chin
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  17. I'll start accepting applications from those females that are interested. At least 4 hi-res photos must be included in the application.
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  18. Yesterday was suspension day. I wanted to get this thing all aligned and ready to roll down the road. All I have to say is that adjusting bumpsteer sucks! It takes quite a while, and with the IRS, I have to do it on all 4 corners. After a while of messing around with spacers, I got the rear where it needed to be. Almost zero toe movement with 2" of bump, and less than .030" with 2" of droop. Both sides amazingly needed the same combination of spacers. I also got the camber adjusted. I gave it just under 1 degree of negative camber on each side. I checked the toe and got about 1/16" of toe in. Good enough for me. I will be eventually getting the car professionally aligned to confirm all the numbers.

    Next came time to get the front toe adjusted. I used the string method to get it close, taking into account the 1/16" of toe at the rear.

    This is where I ran into a real head scratcher. Here is the driver side string against the front tire. Looks fine.

    But here is the passenger side. The string is over an inch away from the tire.

    I expected both tires to be the same distance from the string. It doesn't make sense that the front of the car would track 1" to the driver side. I first thought that my wheels might be the culprit. I swapped the wheels and nothing changed. Then I started measuring the a-arms. They are both the same length. Next I measured the distance from the rotor to the k-member mount. Both those values were the same. I have no signs that anything is misaligned up front. When I put a straight edge horizontally across the front tires, there is a definite difference when I compare the distance of the straight edge to the edge of the door. The driver side is further away. That eliminates the string as not being setup properly.

    The strange thing is that when I mock up the fenders on the car, there doesn't seem to be a noticeable difference in the clearance to the edge of the fender. Both tires seem to look the same compared to the fender. A difference of an inch would be incredibly easy to see. Am I missing something here or is that just how these cars are and I'm experiencing some kind of illusion?
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  19. This Sir, is because the dude that built the damned thing is off the rails OCD. :)
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  20. i know my driver front wheel sticks out just a hair more than the passenger, but its also for sure been hit in the front and has an aftermarket fender on the passenger side. fwiw, the rear is the other way around, but when it was at the bodyshop for the front end, the stupid guy there couldnt get the passenger door gap right and decided to pull the rear quarter back instead of messing with the front (all my hatch panel screw holes dont line up and they re-drilled new ones).

    all that being said, the tolerances on these cars seems to be pretty whacky, ive seen factory rear ends be off center by 1/4 to 1/2 inches, and who knows how much more its been skewed by throwing the irs in there. i'd check to make sure the k-member and irs subframe are both centered up on the chassis.