what mpg does a 96-98 4.6 GT get?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by GT 5spd, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Hey guys This is my first post i was woundering what a 96-98 GT's gas mileage is?
  2. I'm getting about 16MPG...but it's all city/suburb driving.. stop signs... traffic lights...traffic. Mine's an auto too.. CAI, exhaust.. will all improve your MPG.
  3. First off I want to welcome both of ya'll to the board... :nice:

    I got about 20 mpg with more city driving than highway driving in my 2000 GT...and on the interstate I got about 25 or so...
  4. Usually about 20 mpg when I keep my foot out of it. Mostly hwy/interstate and 4.10 gears.
  5. Thanks guys........anybody else????
  6. Same as what they said, 20-25 if you dont get on it too much.
  7. I get approx. 19 in mostly around town driving and pure highway, I get above 24 mpg. That is getting on it now and then. I have a 98GT with a 5sp.
  8. I usually get about 300 miles to the tank.
  9. I got over 350 miles on a tank 2 weeks ago with head wind and with only me on board. I did keep cruise control on most of the trip, however.
  10. I mainly do city driving and I get between 21 to 23. On the hwy I usually can get about 25 to 28 depending on weather and traffic. I have 98 GT 5 spd 3.27 gears with Bassani o/r x-pipe and catback :hail2: along with a MAC CAI ( w/ the Darkwolf Mod ). Hopefully this helps you out.
  11. When it was new i got 29-30 driving across the country with only a k&N. Now i get about 26 on the highway and 20 around town. 98gt 5sp
  12. I got 31 once on a long highway trip driving it like a Granny. Usually around town 17-19. About 250-300 a tank.
  13. all i know is i get 160 gallons for a tank :(:(:(:(
  14. Same here... :nice:
  15. Stock, I was getting about 21 city and highway, and with my mods I'm getting about 18-ish.
  16. 19mpg some highway some city. 23 highway with 4.10's
  17. high teens in the city, lows twentys on the interstate