What The Hell Is Going On?

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by yukisho, May 25, 2012.

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    I have noticed in the last two days that a lot of my posts have been edited. Noobz knows the reason behind the one we spoke about. But some posts in the Funny Pictures thread were edited and the pictures were not at all offensive or against the rules. Also some in the Derailers thread and a few others. Also a lot of other people's threads have been edited. Why is this happening. No one is telling us a damn thing about it at all. No reply about it or even a PRIVATE CONVERSATION about why this is being done. Seriously? This is ridiculous. Someone need's a slap across the face.
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    No idea what happened to your posts.....but thanks for blaming me for it.

    Moved to feedback/testing zone.
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    I don't know of anyone going through and editing thread in either of those two threads. The ones that are removed from public view have the comments posted in them for the staff to read and are frankly, none of your business.

    Let me know when you feel the urge to get to the slapping portion. You're somehow under the impression that you're owed some sort of explanation by a staff member that's made a decision about what's best for the forum. I find that interesting. :scratch:

    We screw around a lot in forum (not me of course but some do :D ), but it is after all a Mustang forum. If something is posted that someone on staff thinks is over the line, then it's not owed to you to explain the thought process. That's not his/her job (although they can if they like). It's his/her job to do what is best for the board and ensure that things continue to run smoothly.

    Now if you have a specific instance to complain about, I'd recommend PMing a staff member with the link and a description of the problem. You're more likely to get a helpful response or resolution.

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