Engine Which Gasket On Explorer Intake?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 9646gt, Sep 27, 2012.

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    My explorer intake has a internalegr in the upper and lower. Which gasket set do I need so It will be blocked off? Some say felpro 1250 but I heard there is a felpro 1250s that is metal core and much better but I don't know which version I would need for my stock port size? It does have egr block off in included it seems. The other question I have about that is that it seems to have no gasket for between the upper and lower?! I am so confused please help!
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    The EGR system on the Fox and earlier Explorers uses the opening on the bottom of the upper intake's plenum opening. The EGR body (mounted between the throttle body and upper intake plenum opening) is then able to get exhaust gas from the internal holes drilled in the lower intake and then eventually the heads.
    When you use the 94-95 elbow adaptor it replaces the EGR body that the FOX and early Explorers use.
    The elbow will block the opening at the bottom of the upper intake's plenum opening thus blocking the entire path to the heads.
    The elbow allows the use of the stock external pipe between the passenger side header to the EGR valve to be used.
    A gasket kit from either a Cobra (more expensive) or Explorer (cheaper) will work and has no "extra" gaskets to block the EGR hole(s) as there is no need for them.

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