Whipple twinscrew 2.3L 140AX leftover parts from kit NEW $375

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by preludeshoSC, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Whipple twinscrew 2.3L 140AX leftover parts from 5.3L Chevy, GMC kit, includes everything from kit except S/C unit, electronics, belt, idler pulley,
    intake tube and filter, kit costs over $5k new and most people ditch the electronics, buy these parts and then buy 2.3L unit and still be under $3k, will direct fit Chevy/GMC 2003-2006 Vortec

    Silverado SS/HD 2500, HD 3500
    Sierra Sierra HD 2500 HD 3500
    Tahoe LT Z71
    Yukon, Yukon XL
    Denali, Denali XL

    Comes with all parts shown:

    -all hardware, spacer and aluminum brackets
    -blower inlet and outlet plenums
    -(2) 60 lb Siemens / Mototron DEKA IV High Impedance Fuel Injectors @43.5
    psi (uses standard EV1 Bosch injector plug)
    -fuel rail and AN in/outlet fittings, nitrous port
    -bypass valve and plumbing
    -6-rib tensioner & pulley
    -idler pulley adjuster


    the picture of the kit installed (not selling whole kit), may also fit Cadillac Escalade, H2 and, can make it fit your Ford with some dedication, I know its not for a Ford but I'm a Ford guy, so what the heck

    asking $375 shipped, or go and bid


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