Witch Cam/intake should i get? For my 351w motor

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Xtreme Limits, Dec 5, 2003.

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    Well im not sure what to use yet, im planing on supercharging it in a couple years, the car will be used on the weekends only for the first year. After that it should become a daily driver.
    Im in a wheelchair so i cant drive the car but, once i save up for hand control's,( next year some time i will take over the car from my dad).
    Heres the combo i was thinking of........................

    351w .30over, 8.0-8.5:1cr, h-beam rods, forged dished pistons -------- just have the block and crank
    F303 Cam- .512 lift, 288 duration/ .544 lift with 1.7roller rockers ------- have it
    or a Z303 Cam- .552lift, 290 duration/ .586 lift with 1.7roller rockers -------- have it
    215cc 64cc Pro topline Alum. heads -------- next to buy
    1.7roller rockers --------- need it, good set that will last. under $200
    75mm TB. ------- have it
    42lb injectors with/ pro-m MAF ------- have it
    intake ????????? --------- still need one
    ProCharger P1SC or D1SC, ran @ 15lbs or more ---------- long time away

    Im going to run a AOD tranny with a 2600 or 3000 stall depending on witch cam i run, i wont beable to get a new intake for a couple months, but what would you suggest for my combo. Also i want to run my Z303 cam with 1.7rr in my 351w, could you give me a guess as to what kind of HP ill have with this settup and what my max RPM will be,with out a superchager?
    Also would i need to up grade the 1.440 springs to run the Z303 cam?

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