Expired Wts: 5.4 4v Fordged Crankshaft And Piston Set (rods, Rings, Bearings, Seals)

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by BuBoNiK, Aug 31, 2012.

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    for sale is a 5.4 4v ford forged crankshaft and piston set (rods, rings, bearings, seals) these will work for 4.6 4v motors as well. The crank and pistons can be sold separately, but I'd like to keep all the pistons together. pistons just need a good scrubbing. Parts have around 60k miles on them. The crankshaft I'll let go for $350, and the piston set can be yours for $200. Call/text me at 919-738-2233 if you have any questions. Parts are in Goldsboro, NC if you want to pick up. If you would like them shipped we can work that out over the phone or PM's. IMAG0081.jpg IMAG0082.jpg IMAG0083.jpg IMAG0085.jpg IMAG0089.jpg
Thread Status:
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