SLP Exhaust Tech for 5.0L Mustang

SLP Exhaust Mustang 5.0SLP Performance has long been known for their high-quality performance products, not the least of which is their Loudmouth catback systems.  SLP currently offers headers, x-pipes, and catback exhaust for the late model Mustangs and they’ve recently just turned their attention towards the 1986-’93 5.0 Mustangs as well.  We install and review their latest catback for the 5.0L Mustangs.

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AFE 2005 GT Cold Air System

aFe?contacted StangNet about there new complete Cold Air System for the 2005 Mustang.? They asked us to get a hands on review of the new system.? They told us their system was specifically designed to function without any kind of tune or recalibration of the system.? This is the first system that we have heard of and wanted to test it out for ourselves.

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MAC Stainless Dress Up

macstainless5.jpgMac Performance Products has recently introduced polished stainless steel dress-up products for both 5.0 and 4.6 model Mustangs.  These heavy gauge, mirror finished items are an excellent way to spruce up any engine bay, whether you’re into shows or just looking to add some luster underhood of your favorite Mustang.
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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Rims

user articleOne of the most popular improvements Mustang owners make is to replace their existing rims.  Weather it is to improve the performance of their cars, to improve the looks of their rides, or both, this extensive explanation of performance rims should help owners decide what rims would best suit their needs.

Submitted By:  Marvinmycat

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Replacing Your 2001 Mach 460 Head Unit

user articleMany Mustang owners in their quest for improving their rides decide to upgrade their already excellent sounding Mach 460 or Premium Sound stereos.  One option is to replace the head unit for one that offers more features, or is the basis for allowing future stereo modifications to progress more smoothly.  This article outlines the steps involved in replacing the stock head units in an ??01 Mustang.  Additional notes and wiring diagrams are also included for other year Mustangs and crossover frequencies.

Submitted By: mesc7

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Cleaning The MAF Sensor

user artDo you own a 1994-2000 Mustang GT? Have you experienced pinging or detonation at WOT? Well then, this might just be the fix for you! It seems that many of us that have installed a K&N filter just might have caused the MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor to become dirty. K&N filters are pre-oiled and some of this oil will find its way onto the sensor causing the sensor to malfunction and in turn cause your engine to run lean at WOT.

Submitted By:  TxFrog1999

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MGW Short Throw Shifter

We at Stangnet heard a buzz, a murmuring that MGW had something new, something the market had never seen before??..well it’s true.? In one sentence we can summarize: The MGW shifter has set a new standard for the Mustang performance shifter industry!
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TopLine Short Throw Shifter Install

Our illustrious Forum’s Admin, fiveofanatic, gets his hands on the new TopLine Short Throw shifter and gives us a good write up with a ‘how-to’ install article.  The new TopLine shifter is their solution to getting quick and short precise shifts.  They are made for TopLine by an industry leader and are making this new shifter available at a great price.  Give the tech article a spin…
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Cobra (4V) Crower Stage II Camshaft Install

user art3Follow along in this Crower Stage II Camshaft install on an ’01 Mustang Cobra (4V).  This how-to is not for the feint of heart, but if you read along, have a friend assist you, and follow the instructions, tips, and tricks, you will be driving off with a few extra ponies under the hood by day’s end!

Submitted By:  Stock SVT

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Install A Nitrous Express System

user_art3.jpgWant some instant power to help smoke the competition? A Nitrous Express system may be the answer to your prayers! Follow along with this illustrated how-to that includes tips and techniques that will be helpful with your power-on-demand nitrous installation for a clean, professional-looking, and reliable system!

Submitted By: BuffMUSTANG

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