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Hurst Ford Mustang Pace Cars to be produced in limited run


OK, you got us, Hurst.  We thought for sure the aftermarket packages tied to the 2010 Hurst Mustang Pace Car were as close as we’d get to having the real deal.  We stand corrected now.  It turns out that a lucky handful of Ford Mustang fans will have a chance to grab up one of these Hurst special editions, with a limited run of just 50 units being produced for good use.  What’s more is the 550 HP supercharged 2010 Hurst/Austin Hatcher Foundation Mustang Pace Car replicas’ distribution will pay homage to the original, which is set to be auctioned off after its tour of duty sometime next January.

Keep reading to get the full scoop in the official press release.

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Hurst performance packages available for the Ford Mustang


After letting their latest Mustang Pace Car hit the track just days ago, Hurst Performance has decided to let loose a few goodies to flow into the aftermarket.  A nationwide distributor program will help Hurst Performance spread their latest “Hurst-Equipped” Kits which will apply to the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Dodge Challenger.  Since the actual Hurst Pace Car is not slated for mass production, this is about as close to a Hurst special edition pony car as we can get.

These Hurst-Equipped packages are poised to enhance the personal & curb appeal of the Mustang (et al) by offering the Hurst touch via several means: a Hurst Shifter, Hurst Wheels (20×9 fronts & 20×10 rears), a Matte Black “AIR SPEED” rear wing, Hurst-Equipped badging, Hurst floor mats, and a Hurst windbreaker & cap via certificate redemption.  For the serious Hurst fans there is even more.  The Hurst Series 1 Kits allow a full-scale customization opportunity with Hurst/Magnaflow Stainless Steel Exhaust, Hurst/ Eibach Pro Kit, Hurst Numbered Dash Plaque, Hurst Fender Decals, and BFG-KDW Tires.

So what do you think, Mustang fans?  Is there room in the aftermarket for yet another player?

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Hurst unleashes 2010 Ford Racing Challenge Pace Car

Hurst 2010 Mustang Limited Edition Pace Car

Hurst and Ford Racing recently teamed up to exhibit their collection of Pace Cars, starting with the 2010 Hurst Ford Mustang Pace Car (pictured above at Miller Motorsports Park) and now, April 25th has held host to the unveiling of the black & gold 2010 Hurst Ford Racing Mustang Challenge Pace Car at Virginia International Raceway (VIR).

The Ford Racing Mustang Challenge will be just the first of this Mustang’s PR duties.  After the conclusion of the race, the collectible Pace Car will take part in the Hot Rod Power Tour at various Larry H. Miller dealerships across the country and will end up at SEMA this year.  After the SEMA show, this Hurst Mustang will then be auctioned off for charitable causes sometime in January 2011.

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