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StangNet does Mid America Team Shelby meet

Well, if you were not able to get out to Tulsa last week for the 2011 Mid-America Shelby Meet to check out some awesome Ford Mustang specimens, you missed out…really.  Along the spectrum of Shelby Mustangs, AC Cobras, and a grab bag mix of late-model & classic customs, there was a fantastic spread to take in.  So, we’re back from Tulsa to show you but a glimpse of what was seen, heard, and raced…in a breakdown of day-by-day activities as we rolled through the 37th meeting of Team Shelby in Mid-America.

Make sure to keep reading to get the full play-by-play day by day…and also, there’s a huge gallery at the bottom to gawk at! Continue Reading →

Built to Cruise is Tulsa-bound

In case you’ve been under a rock for…well, quite some time, we’re here to officially announce the fact our latest project Ford Mustang is currently on the Interstate from Sweet Home Alabama up to Tulsa, OK, for the 2011 Mid-America Shelby Meet.  We hope we are able to run into a few of you at the show & the races, as it’s most definitely going to be an awesome time, as has been in years past.  Built to Cruise (our 2011 5.0 Fox swap Mustang) will be on the prowl and on display, so be sure to stop by and say hello to the team that made it happen!

See you at the show!

Inside Line pits Ford Mustang variants head-to-head

What’s cooler than a Ford Mustang on the track, pitted against its enemies?  Several of today’s Mustangs put to the test against their own limits as well as each other’s.  Inside Line has put up a very slick video and writeup that any Mustang fan will be pumped-up to soak in.  The gunslingers at the O.K. Corral: the Mustang V6, the Mustang GT, the Boss 302 Laguna Seca, and the Shelby GT500.

Between races on the skid and the 1.6-mile course at Streets of Willow, the final victor was decided.  To no surprise to anyone, the higher the price tag and marks of performance lead to the ultimate king.

Keep reading to see the video inside and also be sure to jump over to Inside Line to comb through the entire, well-written article about just what car ended up being picked as the best.

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Supercharged Ford Mustang sets half mile speed record

What happens when you mix a NASCAR driver, Bristol Motor Speedway, a Ford Racing 2011 Mustang GT, and pit them against the toughest competitor out there…the clock?  An awesome display of skill & horsepower, that’s in the least!  David Ragan put down the net to his Ford Fusion and took the reins of a tweaked-out 2011 Mustang GT in an attempt to post up a serious half-mile time.  How did he fair?  He posted a new production car speed & time record of 98.497 miles per hour in just 19.481 seconds.  Pretty awesome feat!

So while that doesn’t sound all too impressive to those of us used to 1320 times, well, put it like this: the best of super bikes was only able to eek out a time just a tenth slower & a mph slower, also.  That’s nuts; a Mustang beating a bike around the track in a 1/2-mile sprint!

Ready to see the record-setting footage?  Keep going!

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Save the date – Steeda Pony Wars coming soon

There’s not much to go on for now, but we are sure the Ford Mustang madness will ensue once the calendar flips a few more weeks.  Steeda Autosports is all set again to host the Pony Wars in Valdosta, Georgia, and everyone with blue blood is invited!  The date is set for April 2, 2011 for the 2nd annual Pony Wars event at South Georgia Motorsports Park.  With heads-up racing, a show ‘n shine, and loads of fantastic company, the 2011 Pony Wars event is sure to capitalize on the inaugural episode.

Keep your eyes peeled here and over at Steeda for more details forthcoming about all the particulars…but for now, save the date!

2012 Shelby GT350 drops the top in Chicago

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you know full well the Ford Mustang aftermarket scene has been dominated by the legendary Shelby Mustang nameplate.  Today, in Chicago, the Mustang legend lives on with the unveiling of the 2012 Shelby GT350.  What marks this occasion more important than most of Shelby’s latest derivatives of the Ford Mustang brand is that in addition to the Performance White hue, buyers can now opt for a Race Red or a Kona Blue version of the GT350 Mustang.  More still, the 2012 Shelby marks the first time since 1970 Shelby has released a convertible version of its GT series Mustang.

While the 2012 GT350 won’t see any performance improvements over its 2011 GT350 predecessor, it does fancy options such as: a full body kit, Cragar wheels, upgraded braking, a tuned sport suspension, and many more mentionables.  These are just some of the finer touches when buyers already have the choice of 3 power plants: the 430hp, the 525hp, or the 624hp V8 offerings.

Ready for more?  Keep reading to check out the two new hues, along with the PR from Shelby.

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Raceskinz Steeda Ford Mustang GT at the 2010 LA Auto Show

When Steeda Autosports teams up with a slick SoCal modification team, you know that whatever they come up with is a sure to be a hit.  This latest output from a partnership between Steeda and Raceskinz has resulted in a Ford Mustang GT like no other to date.  The Raceskinz 2011 Mustang GT was part of the SEMA & Los Angeles Auto Shows this year, and when the masses saw what Road & Track magazine dubbed as “Best of Show”, you know something good was underneath courtesy of Steeda.

This Raceskinz Mustang GT features an abundance of carbon fiber, Steeda styling & suspension upgrades, and loads of show.  Keep reading for all the specific details in the Press Release from Steeda.

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American Muscle King of the Street competition

Each year, a collection of street-proven Ford Mustang specimens convene in Bowling Green, KY to sort out just who will win the title “King of the Street”.  With several 8-second Mustangs on-hand and 7,000 horsepower rumbling about, these competitions are always a spectacle not to be missed.  AmericanMuscle teamed up with 5.0 Mustang editors Steve Turner, Mike Johnson, and KJ Jones in order to select & settle on a winner.  Judgment was based upon six categories: Ride & Drive, Horsepower, Fit & Finish, Engineering, Drag Race, and Popular Vote.  So, how did the competition go?   Who won?  Keep reading to find out more (video inside)!

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American Muscle Ford Mustang car show

Looks like the team over at AmericanMuscle has put on another fantastic Ford Mustang car show this year.  With a few thousand people buzzing through, over 500 Mustangs on hand, and almost $15,000 raised for charity, the annual AmericanMuscle car show was  a huge success.

Be sure to check out their full report and of course, videos chocked-full of eye candy, all recapping the fantastic time everyone had at the event!

Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro go flat out in the flats

The clash of the titans continues to ring onward.  The latest test of muscle and strength has been compiled by the tech-heads over at Popular Mechanics, pitting our famed Ford Mustang against the [evil] Chevrolet Camaro in an all-out, no holds barred, speed test.  The venue: Bonneville Salt Flats.  The challenge: crank it to 11 and see who gets it done properly.

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