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Ford MyKey System to Limit Mustangs?

Ford Mustang MyKey

Could the legendary Ford Mustang get a new bridle to harness its power in order to promote safe driving by those less responsible?  It just might, if the program expands across the entire Ford fleet.  Starting in the 2010 model year, Ford will roll out the MyKey feature for several of its automobiles.  The key contains a computer chip that communicates with the on-board systems in order to control speed limitations, audio system volumes, and even more annoying “fasten seat belt” alerts.  Think this sounds crazy?  To most parents, who often equip their teen drivers with performance cars, the idea sounds fantastic.  Right now, the concept is just a rumor for the 2010 Mustang, but if the popularity grows for the MyKey program, we could see this new bit used on future pony cars.  Fine by us…just make sure we have at least one “dumb” key available for the weekend. Continue Reading →