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Custom 2013 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca at charity auction

We all new it was coming [back] and it would be a sure-fire hit.  And the Ford Mustang Boss 302 did just so.  Now that the Boss is back and continuing in its reborn production tenure, Ford’s teeing up a custom 2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca edition to be auctioned off at the Cattle Baron’s Ball, with proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society.  The hue of it, differing from the above photo, will be a sexy Candy Red, and will be offered up during a live auction on September 29,2012.

Ford executives, as well as the event planners, are pretty excited about this opportunity to post-up a one-of-a-kind 2013 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca to forward the cause in the war against the stupid life-robbing disease we dub “cancer”.

Keep reading to get the full scoop in the Press Release, following.

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2013 ROUSH RS Ford Mustang now on the docket

ROUSH Performance has another flavor of the month to add to its stables of Ford Mustang tuners.  The 2013 Ford Mustang V6 now gets some TLC from the ROUSH crew and the treatment results in the latest performance installment, dubbed the 2013 ROUSH RS or “ROUSH Six” Mustang.  With the core of ROUSH’s Mustang fleet focused upon performance, muscle, and lap times, the ROUSH RS Mustang tees up a new concept which the market tends to be leaning toward…performance (shaken, not stirred) with a twist of economical smarts.

The ROUSH RS Mustang V6 package carries a price tag of $4,000 and boasts numerous chassis, braking, and cosmetic improvements to take the Mustang coupe and give it some serious flair and panache.  It doesn’t stop there, either–the interior of the 2013 ROUSH Six also gets embroidered floor mats, performance foot pedals, and the typical ROUSH badging around the cabin.

So just what else is in store on this latest ROUSH installment?  Keep reading to get the full scoop in the Press Release, following.

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Reversion Ford Mustang spotted in Detroit

After getting a tip on this new/old Ford Mustang spin-off being “local” to one of the StangNet staff, we figured we’d give a shout out to the Auto Kraft folks from Lincoln, Nebraska and their “Reversion Mustang.  The car itself is a complete retro throwback built upon today’s modern day Mustang platform and if you have not been able to catch it in person, you’re missing out.  The Reversion rendition of the Mustang is set to continue its tour through other popular Ford and Mustang events throughout the rest of this summer’s tour, having just completed a stint in Detroit…where several Ford field personnel made sure to pay close attention to the car’s attention to style and detail in workmanship.

Great job on this one, guys!

2012 Ford Mustang Mid America Shelby Meet

Is everyone ready for an incredible display of Ford Mustang awesomeness?  How about a memorable Shelby Mustang event and tribute?  If both (or either) of these sound good, then you’d better get to packing your bags and fueling the steed(s) for the 38th Annual Mid-America Ford Nationals, in Tulsa.  Ford is set to unleash the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500–you know the 200mph capable one–and host open track days, put on a Ford & Shelby banquet, and build many memories for the years to come.

So when and where is this all going down?  June 13 through 17 (2012) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Trust us, we were at the show last June with Built to Cruise, and we’ve gotta say it was one of the most entertaining and fun-filled events of the summer.  Between the amazing Shelby Mustang (and many other unique instances) display, good food, and camaraderie, Tulsa & Hallett Raceway held host to some amazing times, both on AND off the track.

Keep reading to get the rest of the official details in the Press Release which follows!

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50th Anniversary of Shelby American Ford Mustang

If you are a Ford Mustang fan in the Las Vegas area, you’d better be sure to get up and around to catch the tail-end of the Shelby American 50th Anniversary celebration.  Crazy to think it’s been over 5 decades since Carroll Shelby & company took on the Mustang customization and today, Team Shelby is commemorating the occasion with a cruise, car show, banquet, and two days of track action.

Today’s events will mark the official “Shelby 50th Anniversary Tribute” and every guest in attendance will have access to all things Shelby Mustang at the Shelby American headquarters, right there in Las Vegas.

Keep reading to get the full scoop on this event…

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Steeda announces 2013 Ford Mustang roster

Are you Ford Mustang fans ready for 2013?  Wait, isn’t it just now barely into 2012?  If it’s anything we all have come to expect from Ford and its faithful following since the mid-1960s, it’s that the next model year comes to the showroom before any of us have finished our Christmas-time consumption.  Steeda Autosports, a major Mustang aftermarket player, is poised to let loose the details on their entire 2013 Steeda Mustang (and other fine Fords) lineup, with no stone unturned as to the amount of engineering detail poured into every single project.

The short Steeda news bite following merely serves as an introduction to the Steeda Mustang portfolio–the source link points to the Steeda site, showing you more details on each Ford Mustang (and others) than you probably have time for right now…so what’s the delay, get started, and see what is coming down the performance pike!

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Shelby American 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang models

On the “eve” of the official Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary, Shelby American is announcing its latest & greatest installations in their Shelby Mustang lineup.  The Shelby GT500, Shelby GT350, and Shelby GT500 Super Snake are all decked out, poised to take the aftermarket by storm.  Lots of the digit “5” in those two sentences…well, here is some more usage–there are only going to be 50 units of each produced, so it makes these latest Shelby Mustang specimens a bit more unique and in-demand.

Each of the 50th Anniversary Shelbys are getting the white or black paint coats, both with golden stripes to signify the 50th Anniversary of Carroll Shelby’s Ford Mustang operation.  Each Shelby Mustang will also feature 50th anniversary badges, customized interiors, Shelby wheels, 6-piston front braking, a custom car cover, and a VIN dedicated solely to the official Shelby registry.

Keep reading to get the rest of the Shelby American story in the official Press Release…

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SEMA 2011: HR Springs Project Legend Ford Mustang


The 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas brought on special editions galore of the famed Ford Mustang, and one more that caught our spied-eye, was the 2012 Mustang “Project Legend” put together by H&R Special Springs LP.  The idea here?  Combine harnessed American muscle with a European styled suspension to make for a car capable of slithering down the Autobahn without missing a beat.

H&R took a 2012 Ford Mustang GT and added a whole host of suspension components to bolster the overall ride and responsiveness of the pony car.  Such add-ons include RSS Club Sport coil-overs and H&R Sway Bars, upgraded tires / wheels, and LOTS more goodies to bolster the power, as well as the appeal of the H&R Springs “Project Legend” Ford Mustang GT.

Check out more detail in the PR that follows!

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SEMA 2011: Roush Stage 3 Premier Edition Ford Mustang

Yesterday, Jack Roush unveiled the 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Premier Edition Ford Mustang in partnership with Sherwin-Williams at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas.  The cat in the hat, along with Roush-Fenway Racing driver David Ragan, let loose a spectacular orange hued 2012 Mustang featuring choicest colors of the pallet.  The 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Premier Edition on display is Roush Performance’s latest aftermarket installment in a series of Stage 3 Mustangs that will be offered until 12 fantastic Sherwin-Williams Planet Color®  options for the primary color, with graphics and accents in any other desired shade.

Keep reading to get the rest of the story in the Press Release, following.

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ROUSH Hyper Series Stage 3 Ford Mustang

Looks like there is another 2012 Ford Mustang to hit the streets, based upon the already awesome ROUSH Stage 3 (RS3) Mustang crafted by ROUSH Performance.  This 2012 Mustang “Hyper Series” Stage 3 boasts a whopping 540hp and 465ft-lbs of torque, has a fully-tuned suspension capable of pinning over 1G of lateral force, and of course, continues to follow in the steps of warranted craftsmanship we all know well enough from ROUSH Performance products.

So what sets the Hyper Series Stage 3 apart from its vanilla namesake?  A barrage of 4 limited edition appearance packages set to mark the cars with a bit more panache and attractiveness than what’s normally expected by the ROUSH enthusiast crowd.  There are 288 graphics and paint color combos that could be had by any prospective ROUSH Mustang owner.  The Hyper-Series brings on an offering of “four spectacular and unique graphics and interior colors that provide a customized appearance to the RS3.”

Keep reading to get the rest of the story in the PR, as well as a peek of the ROUSH Stage 3 Hyper Series in an official video.

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