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Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter for the Tremec 3650

We knew right from the start what the first modification to our Project Bullitt would be – the now infamous Steeda Tri-Ax shifter. Before the arrival of our Bullitt, we had not yet driven a car with the new Tremec 3650 transmission. We knew that this tranny would be a much improved version over the older T45. Tremec states that this is actually not a re-designed T45, but rather a new tranny designed from the ground up. Within the first 3 days of having our Project Bullitt, we put over 1400 miles on it. We took delivery of the car in Dearborn, MI and drove her home to Auburn, AL. The transmission feels great. Shifting is more precise and the gear ratios seem to work better with the car. The stock shifter included with the 3650 does a fine job, but, being the gearheads we are, we knew that we had to have an aftermarket one. We wanted more precise shifts and the less ‘cushiness’ factor.

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Recovering Your MACH 460 Speaker Covers

Have you ever wanted to spice up the interior of your Mustang, but didn’t want to paint interior pieces or spend hundreds of dollars on expensive moldings and replacement parts? Within this article I’m going to show just how easy it is for you to recover the MACH 460 speaker covers. This mod is fairly simple, does not take more than a few hours, and best of all is inexpensive. As for the results, well take a look:

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Mustang BBK Shorty Header Install

It’s a rite of passage these days. Putting Flowmaster mufflers on your Mustang, that is. In today’s market, consumers don’t just have one choice in exhaust products, which gives them the opportunity to make their Mustang sound unique. This can be done by using several different exhaust combos, shorty or full length headers, H or X pipe, using dumps or tail pipes, etc. Well, the owner of our 1995 Mustang GT project car, Jeremy, wanted to make his Mustang sound unique. Not wanting the famous Flowmaster sound, Jeremy has opted to keep the stock mufflers for now. One of the cheapest ways to change the tone of the stock exhaust is replacing the stock , restrictive headers (see fig 1). In a quest for more horsepower, replacing the stock headers is a must, especially for those Stangers with modified motors. Jeremy went out and purchased a set of BBK unequal length shorty headers from Brother’s Performance Outlet.

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