2002 Mustang

2002 Mustang Overview

The Mustang changed only modestly for 2002. The most important change to most people was the addition of the optional Mach 1000 audio system. This sound system was capable of producing over 1,100 watts of peak power. It included four 7.5″ x 5.5″ subwoofers, four tweeters, and two 10″ trunk mounted acoustic suspension enclosures. The Mach 1000 also included a six-CD in-dash changer.

Other minor changes include a new color called Sonic Blue, different leather trim in the premium package, and an optional stripe on the base models. Wheels for the base Mustang were now a standard 16″.

The Cobra disappeared for 2002, because the 2003 Cobra was due to arrive in dealer showrooms by June 2002. Ford actually made a small number of 2002 Cobras, but they were all destined for Australia. These Australian snakes were converted to right-hand drive, given side-marker lights, and given an additional set of fog lamps which were mounted inside the front bumper.

2002 Mustang Pictures

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2002 Mustang Interior Trim Colors

Dark Charcoal
Medium Graphite
Medium Parchment
Oxford White

2002 Mustang Convertible Top Colors


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