Create A PCV Valve Bypass System

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{mosgoogle}The only option to actually deleting the PCV Valve would be, in the previous two options, would be to run a line down toward the ground where the oil could leak right onto the road way.  This wouldn’t be the most environmentally correct way of doing things either.

The next option, and most expensive one would be to acquire a fixed or modified valve cover that has had the baffles corrected that would prevent any oil from passing through the PCV Valve.

The last option is to insert a fuel filter along the PCV Valve hose where it will filter out any oil that is sucked into the line.  This would also allow the car to stay within emission standards as well as prevent the manifold from becoming gunked up with oil.

The parts needed for this project can be bought from any automotive store for less than $25.


  • Spectre Clear View Universal Fuel Filter   p/n 2369
  • Spectre Clear View Replacement Element Filters p/n 2358
  • Tridon Clamps 5/16" – 7/8" range   p/n CD-6
  • Two zip ties around 2" long – your choice of colors
  • Deutsch PCV Valve (optional)   p/n PCV188
  • One foot of 3/8" fuel line (optional – see instructions below)
  • Two feet of 3/8" fuel line (optional – see instructions below)

  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Pipe cutter or metal hacksaw
  • Sharp box cutter
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Small Philips head screw driver
  • A miniscule amount of motor oil (lubricant)
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