Create A PCV Valve Bypass System

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{mosgoogle}The reason I chose the clear view fuel filter was so that it would be easier to inspect the canister and fuel filter element without having to open it up every time.  The replacement elements are not required for this modification, but will be needed when the original fuel filter is clogged or nasty.

The below diagram shows the location of the PCV valve on a 4.6L engine, which we will keep for this modification:

PCV Valve Location

The PCV Valve on the 3.8L is located on the rear portion of the passenger side valve cover.  The picture was taken while standing next to the passenger side front tire.  Red arrow marks the spot.

PCV Valve Location

The next picture shows where the other end of the hose goes into the intake manifold.  The yellow line shows the path of the hose, and the big red "X" shows the intake manifold itself as the picture is overexposed.

PCV Valve Location

The next step should be to disconnect the battery cable.  Now remove the PCV Valve itself with the metal hose attached to it.  Just pull it out of the valve cover, as it will come out very easily.  Now reach behind the intake manifold and pull the metal hose back toward the firewall.  This too, should come out with minimal effort.

Lay the entire assemble in front of you for the next step.  This is the 3.8L assembly.  4.6L guys should have a valve with a hose coming out of it.

PCV Valve Location

The PCV Valve is on the left side, and it is nasty.  Here, you can either decide to keep the old valve or go with a new one.  I went and got another one as mine is five years old.  See below for nastiness comparison:

PCV Tube Assembly

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