Create A PCV Valve Bypass System

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{mosgoogle}Both 4.6L owners, and 3.8L owners that will replace the entire metal hose line, follow this next step.  Remove the hose again, and lay it out after the 3.8L owners have determined the correct length of hose.  Next, attach the vinyl connectors to the ends of the fuel filter with a crescent wrench.  The connectors should screw in flush to the end of the fuel filter housing.  Measure how long the fuel filter is with the vinyl connections attached at either ends.

Fuel Hose Fittings

This measurement will represent how much of the existing, or new fuel line you will need to cut from the pathway from PCV Valve to the manifold.  On the 4.6L engine, I do not know if there is room for this, but having a little extra length in the new setup should not make a difference.  On the 4.6L line, make sure that you leave a ½" space of unprotected line on the side of the line from the manifold where the heat wrap is.  3.8L owners cut this much out of your length of hose to accommodate the fuel filter.

Next, on both 4.6L and 3.8L engines, connect the ends of you line to the new fuel filter, making sure that the direction of flow FROM the PCV Valve TO the manifold is correct using the "IN" and "OUT" marking on the end of the fuel filter.  In other words, connect the PCV Valve side of the hose to the "IN" side of the filter, and the "OUT" side of the filet to the hose going to the manifold!  Use a little oil so the hoses seat all the way.  Optionally, you can use the small clamps on the hose ends to ensure they won’t come loose.  Connect the manifold end back into the manifold, and replace the PCV Valve back into the valve cover.  That is it unless you are a 3.8L owner.  Take the hose just on either end of the filter and use a zip tie to secure the filter to the wiring harnesses on the firewall.  This will prevent the filter from flopping around.

For those of you who decided to keep some of the original hose, follow the next few steps.

Cut two four and a half-inch (4 ½") pieces of new fuel line to be attached to the new fuel filter.  The left over three inches of hose from the one-foot section of fuel hose will be cut again later.  Attach the four-inch pieces of hose to both sides of the fuel filter and use two clamps to secure them.  Use motor oil to help in seating the hoses firmly.

Lay the fuel filter/hose assembly next to the metal hose assembly for preparation to cutting the metal hose.  See below:

Measure The Filter

Now, bend the hose ends down to the metal hose and leave at least a 1/2" overlap for connection of the clamps to hold the hose in place.  Note, in the above picture, those hose ends are NOT four inches long (I messed up!).

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