Gears: Advice and Answers

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{mosgoogle}Ford Motor Sport, Ford Racing Performance Parts, and Motive are the best manufacturer’s gears to get.  FMS and FRPP are both the same thing, but have a different marketing ploy. Also, once you install these new gears, your speedometer will be off.  If you have an automatic, your only choice is a chip or a micro tuner on the 99+ models.  FordChip sells recalibration chips for Automatics at about half the price of those micro tuners.  If you have a 96-98 manual transmission, you can either use a speedometer gear or speed calibration. Speedo gears are known to wear out after time though and aren’t as accurate as the speedcal. 99+ manuals have to use a speedcal.

I suggest NOT installing gears by yourself as this is a very involved and complicated process better left to the professionals.  To install gears they must be put in with special tools and measurements that most people do not have or have any idea on how to use.  If you just bolt a gear inside, it will eat itself away and potentially destroy the whole rear end.  If your gear was not set right, you may be hearing a bang or a clunk in your rear end when you move.  This is caused by looseness in the gears and should be fixed right away.

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