MAC’s NEW SS Tipped Catbacks

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MAC Performance has recently released a slew of NEW performance parts and accessories for the Ford Mustangs, not the least of which are brand new catback exhaust systems and cold air kit designs and they now utilize highly polished stainless steel!  We here at Pro3i had and opportunity to install their new cold air kit on a 40th Anniversary GT and a catback system on our in-house ’85 GT.

{mosgoogle}Mac’s new exhaust catbacks are now 8-piece designs allowing maximum adjustability and fit.  This allows MAC to use one part number for a wider range of years.  This particular system we installed (MAC-TK7995) will fit ’79-’95 V8 Mustangs (exc. 87-93 GT).  This system is 2.5" mandrel-bent throughout and is now coated in MAC’s new DuraBlack high temperature coating.  Polished Stainless Steel tips also replace the once chrome pieces in the system and they are fully adjustable.  These tips also measure 3" in diameter (late model Mustang systems will feature 3.5" polished stainless steel tips).

Our catback install was very straightforward.  We were already using a complete MAC exhaust system on this car, but the procedure would be the same with most any flanged system.  After unbolting the old catback we squirted a little WD-40 into the exhaust hangers and threaded the exhaust studs into their respective locations (it’s a good idea here to perform this before trying to place the catback into place, in case debris from the high temp coating has found its way into the threads).

We found the best location to mount our system, allowing for adequate clearance for the frame, driveshaft, and axle housing.  (This system was a little longer from the front flange to the back of the muffler than our previous exhaust, but this didn’t create any issues.)

We loosely bolted everything into place until we found the best fit and did a final walkthrough to make sure everything was clear and tightened the system throughout.
The old MAC system we had on this car actually had 3.5" chrome tips, we had become accustomed to the look it gave and they were in excellent shape even after 2 years of use, so we bolted them back in place.  We did however put the supplied 3" stainless tips to good use as we had an ’89 5.0 Notch that was running a smaller 2.5" tipped MAC catback here in the shop.  We ditched the old tips and put the NEW 3" stainless tips in place.  As you can see, they made quite and improvement!


As had always been our experience with MAC we had no fitting issues and the system sounded great!  The MAC Flowpath mufflers used in their systems are the reason behind the aggressive exhaust tone, they flow very well and have a deep rumble without being obtrusive inside the car.  These mufflers are patented and are designed following the Helmholtz theory of tone.


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