Racing At The Drag Strip

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User How-ToA beginner’s guide to racing at the drag strip.  This How-To explains some of the fundamentals of racing at the drag strip, how to stage, what all those lights mean on the tree, and different launching techniques.  Also included is an explanation of bracket racing for those of you who are looking for something other than all-out ground-pounding racing!

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Racing At The Drag Strip

{mosgoogle}Before you go to the tree, you may want to warm up your tires especially if you have drag radials. You will want to back up or drive into the "water box".  This is a place where they spray down some water so you can spin your tires and warm them up.   You should put your car into 2nd (if you have a manual), rev it up to 4000 RPMs and drop it.  After you drop it you will want to slam on the brake and hold it a few seconds till you see smoke flowing out of the tires.  Let go and drive to the staging area.  This should only take 6 or 7 seconds.

When you stage, there are staging lights and there are tree lights.  The staging lights will be off to the side of the tree lights on the top.  Move your car forward slowly until the first set of staging lights come on.  This is called pre-stage.  Once your opponent has lit his/her staging lights, bump your car forward till the staging lights come on.  Once you are both staged, you will have about 3 seconds until the tree lights flow.  They are quick, so be ready!

Staging Lights

The launch is the most important thing.  I do not watch the lights come down, I only watch the 3rd set of launch lights (which are yellow).  When it comes on, (do not anticipate, wait for them to come on) mash on the accelerator hard and fast!  If you wait for the green light to come on, you will be +1 seconds for your reaction time (RT).  If you go too fast, you will get a .499 or lower RT, which is bad, and you will have a penalty.  A perfect RT is .500, which can only be obtained by launching at the 3rd yellow. The red light at the bottom will go off when you leave the starting line before the green light is activated, resulting in disqualification.

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