Racing At The Drag Strip

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Dump Vs. Slip

{mosgoogle}Many people start out with the "dump" because it is very easy.  When the 3rd yellow light comes on, they just dump the clutch and wait for it to catch (sometimes people get good practice and learn where to dump to get instant traction).  The only problem with this, is when you dump it, the front end will rise up only a few inches, if that.  When gravity starts to pull the front end back down, it hits the ground causing the suspension to compress.  This down force is typically hard for the engine to counter thereby slowing the car down and causing the driver to have higher 60’ times.

Another way to launch is called "slipping".  This consists of the driver letting out the clutch in a controlled manner so the tires do not slip.  If they do slip, pushing the clutch in just enough to gain traction is the means to compensate this.  This makes the front end rise in a manner that will not allow the front end to come down fast because power is being added and applied throughout the whole launch.  This takes a lot more practice but can be a better launch in the long run.

Alternate Drag Racing – Bracket Racing
Some people new to drag racing do not know about the handicapping system which will allow motor enthusiasts of all types of varying degrees of skills and vehicle setups to race one another, as well as provide for a fun and challenging day at the track.
A bracket race is best described as a handicap, which allows the competition to be on equal grounds.  Just because you are lined up against a 12-second car, doesn’t mean you can’t beat him with your 17-second car.  The idea behind this is similar to handicapping oneself at golf.  When you are the better team, you give the disadvantage to them by giving them points.   In bracket racing, if you are running with a 17-second quarter mile car, and the guy next to you is running a 12-second quarter mile car, then he will have to wait an extra 5 seconds AFTER you start in order to make the match fair.  If you were to run your EXACT 17-second quarter mile, and he were to run his EXACT 12-second quarter mile, you should both cross the finish line at EXACTLY the same time. 

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