Racing At The Drag Strip

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{mosgoogle}When you enter onto the track, an official will call up to the timing tower to get your "dial-in" time. This is the time, which you think you will run the quarter mile in.  The "dial-in" time is what you will establish the day before the actual elimination day.  In some cases, it may be the same day but just earlier.  The runs are called time trials.  These are the runs that you want to try and go your fastest to see what you and your car are capable of. This is the time in which you want to try different approaches to your launch, dump or slip.  These runs are all about you and no one else as these are just practice runs.
After you have figured out your dial-in time, you will want to run as close to that time as possible.  This is where consistency comes into play.  The other half of winning in bracket racing is your "reaction time".  This is what can make you instantly lose a race.  In a bracket race, you will most likely face a .500 second tree, which  means that between each light is a half of a second.  When it comes to your reaction time, your number one opponent is the tree.

Keeping you car legal is a major part of racing.  A Lot of people make modifications and they don’t think of the consequences it will have if they do it wrong.  More often than not, a racer will do something that they think is legal, only to find out that it is not accepted by track officials or the event holders technical inspection.  Many of these things can be avoided simply by purchasing an NHRA rulebook.   If you build your car to NHRA legal standards, you will be able to compete in nearly every event you want to enter.  If you are looking into racing different styles, such as SCCA, Road race, etc. check with the sanctioning body to figure out if you have to follow all of the NHRA standards.  In most cases, they have a completely different set of rules for car setup and race safety.  Check these things before you end up wasting your time and money on safety features that you may or may not need.  You can get these rules simply by calling the the organizations and ordering a rule book or going online to get them.

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