Exhaust Headers and Mid-Pipe Breakdown

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Equal Length Headers

equal length hdrs{mosgoogle}The individual pipes are cut and bent so that each one is the same length as the others.  By making them the same length, it guarantees that each cylinder’s exhaust gases arrive in the collector spaced out equally so there is no backpressure generated by the cylinders sharing the collector.

Shorty Headers

shorty hdrsThese headers are a direct replacement for the stock manifolds.  Typically they are better flowing and therefore help to free up more HP than the stock manifold and also allow the engine to produce more torque.  Shortys are usually the least expensive and usually are the easiest to install.  Installation typically runs approximately five hours or less for these headers.  These headers can be installed by the average Mustang enthusiast with little tools (mainly just sockets) in the owner’s garage/driveway.  With these headers, there is no need to purchase a different mid-pipe, as the current mid-pipe will bolt directly to them.

Mid-Length Headers

These headers are a mix between shortys and long tubes.  The only company that manufactures these headers is Bassani. The install time is the same as the shortys.  Mid-length headers either need Bassani’s matching mid-pipe or have a standard mid-pipe cut and welded to fit by a muffler shop.  Mid length headers produce similar HP and TQ numbers as long tubes while allowing ground clearance with a lowered vehicle.

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