Painting Your Interior

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user articleSubtle to dramatic effects can be achieved just by painting the trim pieces of your Mustang’s interior.  If you don’t like the present color of your interior, you can also completely change it with professional results.  Read along to see just how easy it is to completely change the look of your interior or just spice that bland dashboard and trim pieces up a bit for a more personalized look!

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{mosgoogle}The most common interior color change that is made is one that complements the interior by utilizing the same color of the exterior of the car.  Many car manufacturer’s, including Ford, are now offering color-matched interiors for hundreds of dollars.  You don’t have to spend that kind of cash to get the same or even better results.

Decide What To Paint

The first step is to decide on a few things before ripping out your interior pieces and spraying them down with paint.  First figure out what color you would like your interior to be, along with any trim pieces that you want to paint.  This is required as there are two types of interior surfaces that are usually painted, one is a soft vinyl, and the other is hard.  The soft vinyl would be the type you find on the top part of your doors as well as the top of your dashboard.  Hard vinyl is found on the lower parts of the doors, the rear interior quarter panels, your center console, and all your trim pieces (radio bezel, door cups, door pulls, window defrosters, etc.).

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