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{mosgoogle}Center Console Trim Piece:
First remove the radio and CD player using the stereo key or four Allen wrenches.  Toward the back where the radio was, remove the retaining nut using a socket and extension.  Using the rag and flat tip screwdriver, pry the top of the trim piece away starting on the left side and working your way down.  Repeat for the right side and remove the trim piece.  The center vents will come out with them.  To remove the vents: The two vents are held in using heat welds.  Break these welds apart to remove the entire double vent unit. In order to re-attach these later, use a combination of heat and super glue to re-weld and glue the welds back together.

Front Side Vents:
Remove the panel under the steering wheel. Unscrew the two screws holding in the trim and vent, then remove.  Open the passenger-side glove box, remove the two screws holding the trim and vent, then remove.

Window Defroster Vents:
Pry these out using a rag and flat head screwdriver.

Windshield Defroster Vent:
This vent is held in with a few screws.  You will need to look through your windshield to see them.  If you do not see any screw heads, then you can just pry the vent out.  If there are screws visible, use a socket wrench with a Philips screwdriver bit to remove the screws.

Gauge Pod Trim:
Remove the headlight knob by prying the inner clip outward – this is found within the slit in the headlight knob shaft.  Remove the two nuts on the under side of the top of the gauge pod and pry the unit out from the top first.

Dashboard Clock:
Push on the pod from the front; it has clips on the front that holds it down. The clock is wired to the car’s power supply; unplug it.

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