Install A Nitrous Express System

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user_art3.jpgWant some instant power to help smoke the competition? A Nitrous Express system may be the answer to your prayers! Follow along with this illustrated how-to that includes tips and techniques that will be helpful with your power-on-demand nitrous installation for a clean, professional-looking, and reliable system!

Submitted By: BuffMUSTANG

This how-to is meant to be used in conjunction with your NX kit’s included instructions.

glove box switches
This is the switch panel I made out of a scrap piece of tin and painted it. 

{mosgoogle}The Silver toggle switch to the far left is for my neon light that is in the box with the NX bottle.  The next one to the right of that is the bottle heater toggle switch.  The third toggle switch is the window switch power switch.  The last toggle switch is the push button toggle switch for the purge.

All of the wires are coming up through the right side hole where the center console bolts down.  Then they go under the carpet and under the rear seats.

wires from glovebox
You can see one of the in-line connectors that connects the white wire from the relay to the black wire which is a ground and connects to one of the white wires from the bottle heater.

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