Install A Nitrous Express System

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Window Switch Relay

  • On the window switch relay, #’s 86 and 30 both go to the + side of the battery for constant power.  Instead of running two more wires to the battery, I used two in-line connectors and attached them to the black wire from the nitrous system relay that goes to the alternator power nut. 
  • The other two wires, one coming from each of the fuel and nitrous solenoids are connected to the ground along with the fuel pressure safety switch ground located behind the Nitrous relay.
  • One of the blue wires coming from the purge solenoid is connected to the other two grounds for a total of three grounds into one eye connector.  We only have three grounds total because we connected the nitrous and fuel solenoid wires together with a two prong connecter so that the two wires would turn into one wire.
  • The other blue wire coming from the purge solenoid is connected to a two prong momentary push button toggle switch.  The other wire connected to the opposite prong on the toggle switch is connected to the battery or you can use an in-line connector and get constant power from another wire that is coming from the battery.
  • #87 goes to the bent prong on the WOT switch which is the shorter of the two prongs on the WOT switch.
  • #85 Goes to the yellow wire coming from the window switch.

Window Switch Wiring

  • The Black wire coming from the window switch is a ground.
  • The White wire coming from the window switch goes to the ECU and is attached to one of the eight wires you can use on the ECU.  I used #26 on the ECU.  I believe it was light green with a white stripe.  I used an in-line connector to attach the white wire to the wire from the ECU.
  • The Red wire coming from the window switch goes to the ACC prong on the three prong window switch toggle switch.  If you are using three prong toggle switches as well, one of the other prongs is a Ground prong and the other prong is a constant power prong.

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