Install A Nitrous Express System

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Nitrous Bottle Heater Wiring


  • Red wire #86 goes to either side of the bottle heater transducer which is the solenoid looking object which is attached to the blue fitting that screws directly on the bottle.  The Bottle pressure gauge is also attached to the blue fitting.
  • White wire #85 goes to one of the white bottle heater wires through an in-line connector to make one ground wire on the bottle heater relay.
  • Black wire #30 is constant battery power that goes to the battery or you can get power from another in-line connector that is coming from the battery.
  • Green wire #87 goes to the other white bottle heater wire.
  • The remaining side of the bottle heater transducer goes to the bottle heater toggle switch on the ACC prong.  That is if you have a three-prong toggle switch.

Nitrous System Relay


  • Black wire #30 is constant power that is attached to the alternator power nut.
  • Green wire #87 goes to a two prong wire connector that joins tne red fuel solenoid wire to one blue nitrous solenoid wire.
  • Red wire #86 goes to the long prong on the WOT switch. The prong that is not bent.
  • White wire # 85 goes to the screw on the fuel pressure safety switch that is labeled "NO".  The other screw that is labeled "C" goes to the ground.
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