Cobra (4V) Crower Stage II Camshaft Install

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user art3Follow along in this Crower Stage II Camshaft install on an ’01 Mustang Cobra (4V).  This how-to is not for the feint of heart, but if you read along, have a friend assist you, and follow the instructions, tips, and tricks, you will be driving off with a few extra ponies under the hood by day’s end!

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Camshaft Install/Swap on 99+ Mustang Cobra

New Cams– Crower’s stage 2’s- adv. duration 238/246, duration at .050 194/200, .472/.473 gross lift.

new cams

You will only need basic hand tools, large c-clamp, vise grips, paint pen, a pan for antifreeze, jack stands with a floor jack, and air tools. I only say air tools because it makes everything much faster. This install should take approximately one full day or possibly a weekend at most. I replaced any gasket that was removed.

Before you remove anything put, the car at Top Dead Center (TDC) by lining up the crank’s marks to the front cover’s marks. First you will need to disconnect the battery and start to remove anything in the way of the front cover. You will need to disconnect both radiator hoses coming from the block and fold the reservoir out of the way over the battery. Once the anti-freeze is drained, remove the cooling fan’s two 8-mm bolts and unplug the fan’s plug. Pull the cooling fan up and out of the car. Next, it would be a lot easier if you would disconnect the a/c (properly by a professional tech with an evacuation machine) and remove the a/c lines at the fittings from the dryer to the condenser. This will make the removal of the passenger side valve cover much easier. Loosen the water pump bolts, the crank pulley bolts, and remove the belt. Now remove the pulleys.

At this time you want to remove the valve covers. Start with the passenger side. You will need to disconnect the heater core hoses, fuel line, and anything else that looks like it is in the way. I disconnected the harness that plugs into each injector and folded it out of the way. Then remove the coil pack cover plate and remove the coil packs and the harness. Next, you will go ahead and remove every bolt holding the valve cover on. Then remove the throttle body. Pull the valve cover off and place it out of the way.

rollers new

Now you’re ready for the driver’s side. Remove any of the top bolts and wires like the other side to gain access to the cover. You will need to remove the 13mm bolts holding the power steering reservoir onto the front cover and lean it out of the way. Mine did not leak so yours should not either. Remove the clutch cable from the quadrant and pull it from the firewall and fold it out of the way. Do the same with the throttle cable. Crawl underneath and remove the driver side motor mount. Place a floor jack with a piece of wood under the oil pan and jack up the motor. Once the cover is loose and everything is out of the way go ahead and jack up the motor. It will rise a few inches and that will be necessary to let the cover clear the brake master cylinder. If you don’t do this, you will not get it off.

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