Cobra (4V) Crower Stage II Camshaft Install

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front cover off

Now you can remove the front cover. There are 19 bolts holding the front cover on to the front of the motor and the heads. The hardest thing about this part is the belt driven pump for the power steering. It was a pain in the butt. The pump is held on by 4-10mm bolts. They are VERY tight. You can reach three of them with a deep socket and extensions but a metal pressure line blocks the last one. You can either remove the line causing a mess with power steering fluid or do like I did. I used a 10mm box end wrench and just slowly worked it until it backed all the way out.  Now it will never come out because the space between the pump and the hose behind it will not let the bolt come out. So just leave it there hanging out of the way. Now remove the front cover bolts and pull the cover out of the way.

timing chains

The next part is probably the most important. With the cams, timing chains, and all the gears exposed you will need a paint pen to mark the alignment. I marked the camshaft, gear, and everything with one stripe of paint. You need to make sure everything is marked so you can align it properly during re-assembly. Also mark the main crank gear with the chains to make sure everything will line up. If you step back and mark everything correctly it will make re-assembly a piece of cake.

new cams

Before the next phase bump the main cam bolts with an impact to loosen them while there is still tension on the system. Now you can remove the main chain tensioners. Those are held on by two bolts each. Keep those and the main chain guides together but separated per side. The two main chain tensioners have a lock on them that extends like a ratchet next to the main piston. If you look at the tensioner you will see a small hole then you use a flat head screwdriver that holds back the ratcheting lock mechanism. Once you compress the tensioner place a drill bit in the smaller hole on the bottom of the tensioner body itself to hold the piston in. It??s self-explanatory if you look at it.

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